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Originally Posted by John_L View Post
Here is my experience with the bike in those photos.

It has been for sale for a long time. I spent like a month of emailing and such never lead to any returns messages. Then one day out of the blue I got the photos you posted of the bike with no description. I emailed back and got a return email back from someone else at a title company who I called and she knew nothing about it. She talked to the original name of the person who emailed me. About two hours later I got a phone call from someone (not the one that emailed me the photos) claiming to be the owner. Talked to him for awhile but I couldn't ever seem to get any info out of the owner and the two times I talked to him on the phone I got several "Um...I think...". Last time I talked to the person claiming to be the owner was about 3 and a half weeks ago.

Good luck on it whatever you decide but make sure it is legit. I didn't risk it.

I've looked at this bike online a few times and thought about contacting the seller for more info but never did. I guess now, knowing some of this background here, I'm glad I didn't. Just doesn't sound right...
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