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I just came off a great relationship with my 07 RFS 450exc to a 500 this past October. Having ridden the 08-11 generation with my buddies bikes the 500 is a different animal. While the chassis of the previous generation was great the new one is even better which you can only tell riding them back to back. The new 500 feels lighter and to me the same ergos as my 07 in the tank, seat to pegs etc.

Something interesting is how much lower the center of gravity is on the 500 than a 530. Sitting side by side it looks 1.5" lower under the skidplate, the swingarm looks to go in a bit higher on the frame than a 530 also. I have drug bottom twice creeping over an obsticle that my 450 would have cleared on the 500, but generally this is just an observation not a biggie.

The thing that got me on the new bike is the motor. Sweeeeet! Smooth and controllable, one sump system with more oil capacity than ever on a under 600 cc KTM. Bike gets super mileage, build quality of the engine is awesome, new die cast case is high quality.

I weigh 172 and the suspension is perfect for me.My buddies 530 is super firm and it is stock. Power hit on the 500 is there just more easy to "meter", 530 seems to have more low end grunt but comes on with more authority. If I had a 530 i would want a throttle cam.

I put a Scotts on my 500 and it is rock stable, wide open in sand or on the pavement. No head shake.

Give one a ride if you can
Krusty Kustom,
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