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Day 10 – January 21, 2013

We wake up, start packing, and then make our way down to breakfast. John and Jacque are going to leave as soon as they done eating and check out. Since we are heading back, Dad can just follow the tracks on his GPS to Loreto. We finish up breakfast and Patty heads back to the room while I check out.

We did most of our packing when we got up so we were ready to go. It takes Dave a little time to finish packing up before we head out. John and Jacque have already left. Dave wants to stop by the Hotel California. We stop for gas so we tell him we will just meet him at Hotel California when we are done. At the Pemex, Patty starts looking over our hotel bill (she does the finances) and discovers we were overcharged for our room and our restaurant bill is $174 for one dinner and a few drinks? Damn! Too much to ignore so we find Dave and tell him we have to go back to the hotel. He will hang out in town to sight see until we are done. The hotel figures out the problem and corrects the $100 over charge. We head back to find Dave and finally get on the road after 11am!

Heading out of Todos Santos.

The temps are perfect and beat the hell out of snow!

We pass thru La Paz and head north.

La Paz has these really interesting roads that short cut across an arroyo. There are also some mini motocross tracks down in the arroyo.

I'm thinking this became a popular short cut so the city decided to put a traffic light in.

I cant believe they have covered parking?

It's getting warmer.

We stop to grab lunch in Ciudad Insurgentes.

There is a pretty strong millitary presence in Insurgentes.

We wanted pizza but it appeared to be closed so we ate some tacos across the street.

While we are having lunch we see a family come out of the pizza place. Damn! They come out and start huddling and pointing at the KTM. Of-course we keep an eye on them. A younger girl in the group goes over and poses in front of the KTM while an older guy takes a photo of her. She goes over to inspect his photo. She must not like it because she goes back over to the KTM and poses for another photo. Awesome! The poor DR gets no love.

Patty managed to get a crappy photo of the KTM paparazzi.

We are soon heading east thru the mountains with the amazingly beautiful and fun, twisty roads.

I love this part.


I'm drooling....

Yep...still having fun.

This goes on and on and on.

Who do I to.....


Hahahahaha.... ...

This is the whole reason you ride a motorcycle in Baja!

We get into Loreto and check back into the same hotel, Posada del Cortes.

We decide to take a walk down to the Condo we stayed in last year to ask the owner about making arrangements to going out to see the islands tomorrow. He sends us to one of his favorite, Francisco Davis. We are having a good time reminiscing about the other parts of town and walk around for a couple hours.

We get back to the hotel then get a message from home about a big problem with our daughter! Argh! We end up on the phone and email for over an hour dealing with it. Jacque is also trying to find out what our plans are for tomorrow. We tell them we are going on a boat to the islands; they are all invited because the price for the boat is the same up to 6 people. I guess the hotel owner wants to know a bunch of information about who we are going with, etc, to make sure we are well cared for so, Jacque is doing a relay back and forth. We are pretty stressed out about things at home so I’m being pretty short with Jacque.

We walk to grab some dinner so we can chill for a bit. The food wasn’t very good but at least we are more relaxed.

We stop and talk to Dave, John and Jacque. We fill them in about our plans tomorrow and see if they want to come. Dave says he wants to go but J&J say they are tired and are going to relax tomorrow.

Back to the room and head to bed.

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