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Originally Posted by LocuL View Post
Cy- You mentioned this in the thread; otherwise Shorai LFX36 with about 12AH (actual) might do it.

That is 12 actual ahs. Hovv much does the ETX36 push(real ahs).

You are vvay to smart for me, keep it lovv please.

apologies for all the hard to plow through info ... for really bad stuff ... an glazed eyeball alert will be posted

it's my goal to convert difficult to understand/time consuming information into easy to read material... if at all possible, will refrain from posting technical jargon. unless there is just no way around it.

the 12 AH figure was measured at an 8 amp discharge rate limited to my testing gear. mfg will measure at 10 hour, 120 hour, etc. rates. temperature and discharge rates affect Amp Hour capacity delivered.

in other words .. I don't have the patience to wait 10+ hours for results. LiFePO4 battery mfg inflate their Amp Hour numbers so much, IMHO they are doing a disservice in promoting acceptance of LiFePO4 batteries.

IMHO most mfg charts show LiFePO4 sizing correct for summer use under ideal starting conditions. what you see in this thread is results of real world testing, backed by data generated by world class instruments. laid out hopefully in an easy to understand manner.

currently the only two LiFePO4 batteries that I can recommend for Adventure duties... Shorai LFX 36 (left) and Earth-X ETX36 (right) .. if your requirement are less, you can get by with less.

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