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A few days around Popayan

Popayan is very cool authentic town with little to know gringo presence yet!

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We did not take any pictures of the ride from Buga to Popayan b/c we had some tough weather it was not a terribly exciting ride down the PanAm. The scenery was better closer to Popayan and we are hoping for some good day rides from here.

As soon as we get off the bikes to start looking for a hotel, the door of an office opens and out pops a doctor, asking in English where are we from? We tell her our story and she says he brother biked from Popayan to Arg. If we need anything just come on by. She keeps offering us water and coffee and we politely decline. We tell her we will stop by tomorrow to chat and get the highlights of the city. True Colombian hospitality that we have seen more than once. As we are in our totally grubby moto gear she is telling us to come in her office (which is connected to her parents house) and sit down look at a phonebook, have coffee relax!

We really want to get settled and agree to have lunch the next day to get the highlights of the city from a local and repay her generosity some. Even though we did not really need anything at the time for a person to invite 3 total strangers into her parents house on the spot was over the top. When we stop by the next day we meet mom and get lulo juice and more over the top hospitality. We were on our way to drop off laundry and she says you can do it here. Again we thank her and her mom but politely decline. Just makes you feel like people have your back when they are so trusting and giving.

Us at lunch, Mihai is taking the pic. Thanks Ximena!!!!

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It was a great lunch at a traditional restaurant and fun conversation. We all found we shared a passion for travel and adventure. After lunch we were off to start crossing things off our list of sights and places to eat.

Views from a hill overlooking Popayan.

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Some of the nice buildings walking around town.

Around Popayan

Main Plaza

Looking at Maps for the next day

Pawel working on his blog, while I was doing the same.

This what Mihai does while we bog and organize photos. His mom has to follow Pawel's blog to keep track of him.

On Saturday night we went to the small fair in Popayan. Hit up the bumper cars a few other rides and the basketball game. Pawel claims to be a bit of a baller on the court, so I said I was up for the challenge. I made a big come back. I think he cracked under the pressure!!

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