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Originally Posted by yooperbikemike View Post
Humor. You'll laugh later.
Originally Posted by Kropotkin View Post
It was the "subscription only newsprint coverage" that has me confused. What the hell does that mean, and how the hell do you achieve that?
Originally Posted by yooperbikemike View Post
Print media, subscription only -- A reference, no doubt to the AMA's half-assed way of handling anything other than the racing these days.
Yep, just attempting to poke fun at the DMG/AMA's total lack of vision and referring back to the 70's and 80's where we had to wait for the new Cycle News to come out to find out what happened in the racing world that week.

The way DMG is going, there won't even be video documentation of this season.

At least DORNA produces its world feed and broadcasts it themselves. DMG wants everyone to pay them for production rights to a show that has little commercial appeal. Instead of "build it and they will come," they say "come and we will try to build it."

Sorry. Thread derail over.
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