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After extensively testing my battery and hours of charging with no real effect... I'm pronouncing it dead. I'm looking into a suitable replacement.

Electrical woes aside, progress needs to be made. A package all the way from California arrived yesterday. So I thought I'd distract myself with something shinny, a Seat Concepts foam and cover.

I watched their instructional youtube videos and prepped everything according to their instructions and got to work.

I removed the old seat cover, cleaned the pan. Then sprayed the new foam and seat pan with 3M 77.

I fought with aligning the new foam on the pan a bit, but eventually I won.

I threw the seat cover in the dryer for a bit to warm it up and borrowed my wife's hair dryer to aid in the warming/stretching process... I did however forget to put the dryer back.. that was a bit of a mistake

It was a bit of a process to align the cover to my liking. I stapled it down in the back and wasn't super happy with my the way everything looked so I pulled the staples and started over. Once I got the front and back down everything else wen't fairly smoothly. I did find that I had to turn my compressor way down for the stapler, as it was really easy to blow stapes right through the seat cover, leaving a hole. Which was not good.

I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out, although its not as easy as it looks in the videos. It felt really nice to sit on, much better then the old couch cushion that was on there

Next up, carburetor rebuilding...
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