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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
Yep, just attempting to poke fun at the DMG/AMA's total lack of vision and referring back to the 70's and 80's where we had to wait for the new Cycle News to come out to find out what happened in the racing world that week.

The way DMG is going, there won't even be video documentation of this season.

At least DORNA produces its world feed and broadcasts it themselves. DMG wants everyone to pay them for production rights to a show that has little commercial appeal. Instead of "build it and they will come," they say "come and we will try to build it."

Sorry. Thread derail over.
Do you know that DMG is asking someone to pay them for production rights? I've never seen that. I think they pay Chet Burkes Productions to produce the races and then DMG try to sell enough advertising to cover the cost of the air time they buy from SPEED. I think it worked the same way under the old AMA regime except now there is no pool of AMA membership dollars to dip into to cover losses.

As for SPEED, I've been under the impression they are a broadcaster with air time to sell, so MotoGP, WSBK and AMA just buy time slots and deliver a fully produced program and advertising package. I believe SPEED paid for Formula 1 but everyone else pays their way onto the network. SPEED makes sure programing is branded with their name on their network but motorcycle racing is produced (filmed, edited, announced, ads sold) by independent contractors. This is what I have always read about motorcycle road racing on TV in the US. Anyone know for a fact if the arrangement is different?
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