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I've had an XR or two over the years. Picked up my first one, a 1986 XR250R, in 1992, which was the first bike I ever ran hare scrambles on. I ran the Flat River GP in '92 on this one. Four and a half hours of racing is pretty tough but it didn't whimper.

My 1984 XR350R (dual carbs). Didn't have it very long. I did bead blast that awful blue motor the PO obviously thought was cool. I wish I could have found an '85 model.

I diverted away from the XRs for a while, running a 2-smoker in the mid-90's before getting back on track. This is my '94 XR600R along with my son's '93 XR80R. We didn't think anything could be better! Loved that bike, may be my favorite of all time. It was a stump-pulling torque monster!

After racing the 600 for five years, figured it was time to go a little more modern, so picked up this 1998 XR400R. I didn't keep it very long before going blue.

I raced a YZ400F and a YZ426F for several years before going back to Red. Got a brand new 2006 CRF250X, but a year later picked up this pristine 2004 XR250R from an enduro rider north of Ft. Worth. This was probably the best XR I ever owned. I ended up pretty much parking my CRF and riding this one exclusively in the Ozarks. This was the best technical single-track bike I'd ever ridden. I even tagged it.

Of course, I had to pick up a pit bike here and there. Here's a 2001 XR50 I had to have. I didn't share it with any of my kids either.

This was my daughter's 2001 XR100. Funny thing is I also got another one that wasn't nearly as nice, but ran great. My wife also had a 2006 CRF100F all at the same time.

Group photo

I finally sold all of my XRs keeping only my CRF250X and a KLR650 I got to deal with the dual sport bug I had been bitten by. I sold the KLR and got this 2007 XR650L in late 2010 that I still have. I did 900 miles in Colorado on it last summer without a single hiccup.

I've also had a 1984 XL200R, a 1988 XR200R, 1983 ATC200X and a 2000 TRX400EX. The last two may be ATVs, but they had XR motors.

Right now I have the head on my CRF sent off to California to have stainless steel valves put in and it has relatively few hours on it. Adjusting the valves on these CRFs is a major pain... and takes me at least a couple of hours to do it right. I can do an XRs valves in a half hour and that includes removing the tank. I love their simplicity and ease of maintenance.

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