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Thanks Brian! It was a good ride, something better done while I was a single man,...

Two Husa's would be perfect for the TID... I hope it works out, your passion for commuting in the snow on you Husa says good things about your riding attitude.l

Personally, when running the TID on the Husa I would be running D606's, a tire that I can find at any MC dealer in the area and one that will last for the meat of the one way ride. Might run a Pirelli Scorpion Rally or XC front though, another long lasting DOT knob with excellent all around performance. No Tractionators on a ride that might very well be wet and muddy. I would want fresh tires instead of making compromises, a 606 rear at least is perfect for the TID, I don't mind the front either though I usually choose something else for some reason.

All of our posts about HDB CS were moved by Mods to the basement because they are off topic in this thread.
That why I reposted my reply that got swept away too, taking out the HDB bits. Lets try to keep this thread on topic as laid out in the OP, makes for nice and neat threads with easy to find specific info for all to use. Vendor reviews don't belong here or in the Thumper forum in general. There's HDB threads in Equipment and Vendors for that sort of thing.

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