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Originally Posted by Aargee View Post
I'm not sure you know about the bureaucratic & red tapism prevailing in this country; as a citizen, it's extremely difficult to comprehend the law & get the paper work done.

In reality, the good rental agents don't take 50% advance & even if they do, it's REFUNDABLE + your headaches are way too less. But yes, there're only handpick of good rental agents.

A better motorcycle to rent in India is Hero Honda Karizma than Pee220
Oh, trust me, I have had the please of experiencing the world famous Indian Bureaucracy. It is nothing short of funny - unless it is you trying to get something done.

As far as 'good rental agents', it's unclear if there is such a thing in Delhi. My impression is that they are all trying to milk the tourists for every last dime they can get their hands on and trying every shady trick in the book. There are a 100 rental places, and each and every one of them is a hole-in-the-wall dump that may or may not be there next month. I wouldn't trust any of the guys in Delhi/Manali. They may be out there, but it's going to be hard to tell and hard to get reliable info on who is 100% legit and who is 80% legit. (most of these cheats don't cheat everybody - they pick and choose their targets.)

If you do know any rental places where people don't have to leave a huge deposit on newer bikes like Pulsar 220 (or Enfield EFI, CBR250, Ninja250, etc) please let us know as that would be ideal. Without a solid recommendation, I would not trust any of these places with a big deposit. They will most likely try to give back as little of that deposit as they can negotiate their way into.

Lastly, I've ridden both Karizma 220 and Pulsar 220 quite extensively. There are things that I like about each bike and things that I dislike about each bike. But ultimately, there is a very clear winner for two reasons:
1. Paper fragile clutch plates on the Karizma - I burned out clutch plates twice when I tried to use the clutch a bit when I was trying to get out of mud/sand. The clutch was gone in an instant. It is verifiable junk. Pulsar is much better on harsher roads for this reason.
2. Although it only happened a handful of times in real extremes, Karizma did struggle in high altitude. In one area, I simply had to give up and turn back because the bike didn't have the power to make it up some steeper grades at high altitude (16-17,000 feet). Karizma is supposed to be fuel injected and I should not have had problems, but paper specs don't live up to real life.

Additionally, Pulsar has more power overall. My friends and I did some tests and the Pulsar would pull away from my Karizma every time and top out faster. Even ridden 2-up, the Pulsar would pull away from Karizma. The power is not a big deal, but the above 2 reasons are a big deal and why I would pick Pulsar 220 next time... Ohhh... and it's substantially cheaper than the Karizma too.

That said, I wonder how hard it would be to get KTM Duke 200....
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