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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
Thanks for your reply. After playing around with various screens on different bikes over the years I have gotten a bit anal over windscreen created noise and buffeting. Even with earplugs in you can still hear a lot of the noise created by them (ever ridden a 990KTM, they are bad ) and currently have the stock headlight on my DR650, figured a screen wasn't necessary on the TAT as it was mainly off road. But on the highway you get a lot of wind in the chest, which is tiring. The Britannia Composites unit looks cool and gives options for instruments to be mounted where they are easier to be seen and probably better headlights.
Cheers Phil
The headlights are certainly better. However, take the HID option. I didn't.... but have since changed. I say that more due to the reduced power consumption rather than significantly better lighting. The 35w HID (6000k) is about the same as the 65w halogens IMHO and a better color.

As you will be aware, the units in the Lynx are 90mm standard fitting so.... can be changed easily. I am now looking closely at LED's, though am disappointed at what is available right now. The Duo-Lux appears to be the best of what is available....and its expensive.

To compensate, I am considering fitting either a pair of the new, larger, VisionX LED Aux lights or a pair of the triple LED's also from VisionX.

As for noise off the fairing, I rarely ride with earplugs at the noise off the fairing can't be that bad.
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