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Seat height is only part of the problem, width is also a huge factor.

That's why with my 29-30" inseam, I ride an old Honda XL500. I can flat foot it. It looks too tall at first, but it's a skinny bike with a rather skinny seat. Skinny rules.

Setting the rear shocks to their lowest setting helps of course. But don't discount the ability to replace the shocks with something an inch or two shorter. You'll usually have to study a bit to figure it out, but Progressive's web site helps greatly.

Raising the fork tubes in their clamps can frequently gain a matching inch or two of lowering. Don't do this unless you're doing comparable lowering in the rear.

Seat trimming is quite doable, as is fabricating your own seat. I would suggest working with a takeoff seat you buy from ebay or the like. Lots of mistakes will be made, and you'll usually want the oem seat to keep falling back to while you alter the second seat. But a piece of plywood set over the frame tubes, with some fiberglass draped over it to radius the curves (for the thighs, sharp edges hurt), and an inch of padding make a surprisingly good seat. narrow where the legs close when standing, wide under the buttocks for support.
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