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Nice one BigMike,

Too thick IMO, I went for 4mm and if I remember correctly Tony used 3mm and it held fine. Of course you cannot go wrong using thicker plates so that is fine.

Dave/Jesusgatos, what alloy did you use? I am going to change the radius in mine to get 2 x thickness in 50xx series but I am not sure at the moment as the ones I have, sustained serious cracks from the bending machines. As expected the cracks opened due to vibration... Most designs do not use 90 degree bends so the alloy does not suffer that much, but there should be a solution. I am looking for somebody who knows what he is doing, but here they seem lost in space. Most of them will not change the tool and the result will be sharp bends and cracks. Anyways, will deal with this later as I am looking to make everything out of HDPE blocks and CNC them. The HDB HDPE parts are really amazing. Not only in they are lighter but they are flexible and they will eat vibrations for breakfast.

Lukas, ... The installation is way too easy. In the beginning you see all these parts and start wondering but it is so easy to assemble. Like playing with Legos

The 640A is engineless, so the ''shark'' was employed

Never mind the tablecloth, cant argue with that as it is not me who decides the decoration ...

I love buttons
The quality is ''jewelry'' type and you will be amazed by the CNC engraving and spotless anodizing

I started stripping down the berg for the first time

Now, this is the way I put the Tower. The way I put the Roadbook holder plate is such that in case of an emergency the plastic bolts will break and the thing will fold away. Dont want to test it in real life but when I pushed it away without the plastic bolts it moved away from me so hopefully it may save my chest one day . This design feature I think is the most importand in this Tower.

Now... We are off to the Handguards...
I used Acerbis Rally Handguards before, the ones with the metal stiffener inside them. I thought they were tough.
The HDB Handguards are something completely out of this world (Paul is an Alien? ) ... Although I could see the difference in thickness in HDB's website, seeing it in real life is an eye opener . You think you can break a wall with these things.

I am going to make some sort of supports for the LED lights I already have from ADVmonster and until then I will keed the original mask on the bike for a dirty look . Too much trail rides this time of year so I am keeping the good one for later, once I have the light supports ready.

I only need to re-route the brake cable but because the front fender has the plastic stiffener I could not mount the cable guides (name? ) . They are ok now the Tower plate is off the bike, will do this once I put the plate on.

Next month the Rally Raids begin so I have this boy to put on

Later this month I will be reviving the 640 again with a Rev02 Tower and lots of goodies ...

The last one is my little friend who helps me during installations

Once again, thumbs up to Paul's excellent service, international postage took only four-five days
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