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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
It is for southern european ones IMHO: Albania, Sardegna and Greece have myriad dirt trails in the mountains, plenty are 30-40-50 meters apart. Testament to these "Rally Lite" events with plentiful and merciless roadbook instructions were the Italians I raced with in Serres last year, all Sardegna veterans. They exhibited Enduro Special test speeds without batting an eyelid on which direction to take... awe inspiring stuff

For all other, more open space events like the Dakar, Australasian and North African rallies I have heard of people using the one decimal, not so many roads to choose from in those parts of the world
Okay... but I'm also using one decimal on roadbook navigation in the Netherlands, where distance between two points is usually a couple of hundred meters and sometimes even less than hundred meters. But maybe two decimals would be a good alternative for Hellas, although in most of the situations two decimals is not necessary and only confusing. I'll be sure to take the ICO manual with me, to be able to switch decimals
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