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Alaska 2013

Originally Posted by babarnette View Post
You do know that large portions of the ALCAN are hard pack and look very similar to my first two videos right? Also the parts that are paved are usually covered with loose gravel and there are potholes large enough to swallow an RV. I hope you have better luck with your GoPro than I had with mine. Mine never worked right and I had to fight with GoPro to get an RMA to get it replaced and then I had to pay for the shipping. Still waiting on the replacement camera. The videos that I posted were recorded with my 3 year old ContourHD (720p) that is held together with electrical tape but still works like a champ. Camera was attached to the right side of my helmet.
Yes, I am comfortable with loose gravel and dirt roads but would probably refrain from riding on some of the paths in your videos especially the one with snow on them. One of my reasons for not wanting to pull my trailer is that I know in places that the roads will be a real challenge to the Gold Wing. So far, I have had good luck with the GoPro. Not being anything but an novice photographer the GoPro seems to capture video/pics good enough for my personal needs. I also bring along a Panasonic FH-20 point & shoot plus a Canon Rebel EOS XTI with a 50mm and 250mm lens. I use to have a Sony movie camera but found it almost impossible to do moving bike video. If you get to go, I promise not to pick your brain too much on photo secrets!

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