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Well I have been trying to find where someone has done it to a 990 adventure and there are a few mentions of it on this forum but on a couple superduke forums they talked about it at some length and it was same process as on the 950 as far as using a manometer. Just hook it up to the nipples from the SAS and measure like you would on any other bike from a vstrom to an FZ-1. It has an adjuster screw just like the 950 on the rear left of the linkage between the two butterfly valves.

I don't see how it would not be adjustable because as I understand it... And again not the sharpest shed in the crayon box here... But as the cylinders wear in they use an ever so slightly different amount of air and need adjusting to compensate or it can result in one cylinder "dragging" the other and can cause anything from rough idle to ,in extreme cases, rough running, vibration, and stalling at idle.

Some of the 990 SD guys even said it helped the infamous 4000-4500 flat spot that they have. Now, i don't know about that. But it seems like it would make more of a difference at idle obviously.

I'm going to call the dealer in Atlanta today to see what I can find out. Unfortunately the experiences I have had with the dealer here have been rather terrible....

I'll report back my findings ASAP and will continue researching the subject.

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