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Originally Posted by Crocker View Post
Finally scored on Craigslist. 2011 Fender classic series '50s stratocaster in surf green. Had a chance to buy one 3 years ago, passed on it and always regretted it. Been keeping an eye out for a nice used one ever since but they don't turn up often and usually people want $500 for one. This popped up on Craigslist yesterday for $250 and an hour later it was mine. Missing the Tremolo arm, needs a quick truss rod adjustment and I might raise the pickups a little but other than that it doesn't even look like it's been played.

Might be time to part with my Squier classic vibe 60's strat, bit of redundancy between these 2 and I'm finding the soft "V" neck to be more comfortable.

Hah! I was eying that myself.

I'm just starting out with the guitar and am currently using a loaner strat copy. It's hard for a newbie to tell what's good and what's not, but this one caught my eye. I'll keep looking...
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