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I think that has worked for cycling here in the states. I have no idea anymore what the channel is called now that airs state-side cycling as well as the TDF and others, but my DVR catches them.
When I last watched WSBK on Speed, Speed didn't bother to inject any of the usual home announcer drivel, or in-between nonsense.
They still managed to cut away to commercials right at the wrong time. I take that as their way of maintaining suspense. of course ty'd return two to five laps later depending on how many back-to-back "Flo" commercials they could pile up.
The odd thing I noticed was the video quality was better than the video quality of MotoGP feed.
My streaming of MotoGP off the subscription from my iPad through the AppleTV puck was better than that even.
Makes me wonder what the marketing morons at Speed really know about video or broadcast other than NASCAR demographics.
If as the industry pundents say Speed are trying to become a mainstream sports provider, they are coming from a long way back. They have cornered themselves with all the backwash of this and that garage shows along with their cash-cow NASCAR, I don't see them edging anybody out of the US football or baseball arena.
They built themselves into a "motorsports" network except the mainly cover NASCAR and auctions.
How either of those hold any audience interest beyond five minutes is well beyond my guess.

In the US all international sport is approached by mainstream media from only our point of view. If at all. If there happens to be a competitor from the US in the filed the focus is on that person no matter how little their performance matters to the event or overall or championship.

I still maintain the best commentary example for any sporting event is the team of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen and their cycling racing commentary.
If I were proposing to produce racing for US consumption I'd build a team like these two. they are not condescending but, informing and entertaining. Might have to look further than the usual shallow pond of talking heads.
Greg White started off as another racer-turned yelling into the mic sideman, the networks seem to cultivate. He is growing into a more soft spoken and knowledgeable insider-view host. It is clear he loves the sport and enjoys his job and spending time with the participants. striking the balance between insider buddy and journalist will make the difference.
I don't think you learn the trade of hosting these things in schools or overnight. You need good direction and a mentor.
That mentor can't be the NASCAR yelling idiots. And the direction can't come from marketing.

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I suspect with the right sort of promotion WSBK and GP would find the audience they are looking for on the web without the old TV broadcast model. New audience, new model.
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