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Originally Posted by ADVCoop View Post
This is my stripped down '92 Contact 250. It's pretty loud. Since I don't think it the silencer is re-pack-able, I am either going to try to find a different silencer or make a turn down tip for it to see if it helps. I wanted to be able to ride in the woods here beside my house but it's way too loud for that. My neighbors will surely complain like they used to when my nephew rode his CR80 here haha.

Any ideas?
The silencer is "re-packable," just not in the traditional sense. They can be cut open, re-packed and welded back together. Nowhere near as easy as drilling out a couple of rivets. My Scorpa is this way also. I have no means to weld aluminum, so I had someone do the job for me. I have contemplated building a new silencer but I'll almost certainly never act on that.
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