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You will only get points for the class that you hold a license in. So if you don't have a GP lic, you will pie plate and receive desert points. Now, here is where it gets fun. Say you enter your class in a GP (Sr hwt nov?), and you finish in say tenth. When you look at the results you need to pay attention to how many guys hold desert licenses, and thats what you will receive in points. If you are the only desert guy, you potentially could get first desert points. And trust me, people bitch about this all the time.

Also, which handbook are you looking in? I think (not positive) that they changed the rule, pretty sure they did for Euro's anyway. If a euro goes three loops and you only do one, you will still get a finish.

I am planning on riding Glen Helen, P-Dogs is a pretty fun race, then I am going to pack up and head out to Barstow for Kudlas race on Sunday.

PS, I think you only have to do 50% of the winner of YOUR class.
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