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$20 DSM App

Originally Posted by worwig View Post
Problem is that there is no way to give it a trial run to see if it is any better then the free OSMand that is it coded from.
That is a good suggestion, a free trial run. I think you should post that request to the DSM support thread. But I would bet you the $20 that if you were to spend some time watching the intro and other vids on youtube and reading the thread a bit for feedback and exploring/using the free website, you would not need a trial run to know whether you wanted to invest the $20 or not.

As far as being any better than "the free OSMand that is is coded from," wouldn't it have to be, by the simple fact that it is so much more than just that? My favorite feature is being able to press a few buttons and change map views to any one of over a dozen different map views. I typically use the Osmand, GMaps Sat, MS Earth, G Maps Terrain, and the USGS Topo the most. And I'm looking forward to getting my local OHV parks on Overlays. Please note that only the "Vector OSM maps" don't require one to cache the tiles (download from website) before heading into the field. And the more content others share, such as geo-referenced rasters (MVUMs etc.) and tracks/routes/Waypoints/POIs, etc. the more we will all benefit, for no extra charge.

BTW, I would easily support an annual fee, DSM is that good. And again, I am referring to DS use (primarily offroad) only.
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