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Speed channel started off as a cool thing but went down hill. One off channels like that are pushed top make money and the stupid reality TV shows they had are cheaper than covering racing. It may bring in less views but still has a better margin. This I feel will be the eventual downfall of the cable companys. They have 800 channels you must pay for to get a few good ones and 99% of the stuff shown is completed shit.

As time goes on Netflix, amazon, hulu, apple plus direct content like will slowly take over. I cut cable last year and it was the best thing I never did. I can watch pretty much everything I want to see on Netfix, amazon and apple. I will admit that my parents have Comcast still and I use there xfinity online account to watch on demand over the web. Mostly to watch HBO and showtime. If those two would have a direct subscription service I would pay for it.

As for racing now that Dorna owns WSBK it makes scenes to add them to their online offering as an upgrade or stand alone to the account.
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