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GSA OEM Fog Light to Dually D2's conversion - Complete

I finished up my OEM fog light to Rigid Dually D2 conversion last night... for those interested in the same, my goal was a no cut/no tap straight up swap of the OEM fog lights to Dually D2 that would allow me to use the factory fog light switch AND easily put the OEM lights back on (in stock condition) should I ever want to trade in/sell (and keep the D2's for myself). There seemed to be a bunch of folks on this forum that have done it but not much on the order of "how" so I figured I'd post up photos/info for any mechanically challenged folks like myself. Basically you just need to solder a simple wiring harness and it's simple.

Bought a set of these

And two of these (you can also cut and use those wires off the wiring harness that ships with the Dually D2's.. I chose to keep it intact in case I ever need it or this didn't work...)

Cut & solder the female end of the H11 connector to the rigid industries extension (that connector is a Deutsch DT06-2S for the record, could probably buy those connectors and splice but I think you need some funky tools which I don't own)

Add some heat shrink and the protective cover and the hard part is done

Bought a set of Excel Cycle Werkes 1" bar mounts. BTW they are awesome and I HIGHLY recommend (they are a tad pricey though)

* Note I bought a pair of the Rigid Industries 1" horizontal bar mounts first ( and they do NOT clamp tight enough. GSA owners do NOT buy these for the crash bars.

From there it's mount, zip-tie and plug n' play.

And oh yeah those lights are BRIGHT. Put the OEM headlight and fog lights to shame. Plus they are rugged as hell... I'm leaving the old fog light bar on to serve as a bit more protection in the event of an off but you could probably pull them off if you wanted...
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