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where are the pedals?
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My apologies to the six of you that follow this thread. I have been a little busy with work. I will try to get this RR wrapped up ASAP. It has been so long that I am going to start forgetting things. We have done a few little rides since the Loreto trip. Rollergirl really stepped things up on the last trip to N. Baja. She followed me and Ted on a very gnarly single track. I told her to take it slow, let her low gearing and trials tire handle the traction. All she had to do was keep smiling. Having Ted along was almost like having another woman with us - Rollergirl could feel competetive with Ted and not get angry at me for taking her on an awesome trail. I felt so proud.

Oh yeah, then last weekend I sprained my ankle really badly. Crossing the street in flip-flops. No, I wasn't drunk. Thought I broke it for sure, but the young doctor at the ER said that the grapefruit sized swelling was only from a sprain. So now I have it taped up and will take it easy on this weekend's ride to Valle de Guadelupe. This will be our 5 year anniversary of moving in together. Hooray for love!
where does that road go?
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