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where are the pedals?
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I spend a lot of time thinking about motorbikes. Probably too much time. I have been threatening to sell my 990 for over a year now, then I ride it and think that I could never sell it. My riding friends and I spend loads of time discussing what bikes we should own, rather than the ones we have. We must be quite spoiled to have such a dilemma.

I have thought for the last few years that I actually owned the perfect quiver of bikes. A 450 and a 990. But then I rode Rollergirl's bike.
Now, when I sit on the 450, it feels like a fat pig, and the 990 feels even more like a boat. More discussion between riding buddies. OK, I will sell them both and buy 2 smaller bikes. Or, I will sell the 990 and buy a 250 and keep the 450. Or, I will sell them both and buy something bigger for Rollergirl to take on longer trips, and something smaller for me to use on technical trails. Or, maybe I should get a Trials bike.
But what if I want to go for a longer ride? What if I want to take my daughter for a ride? What if I got a XR 650 R, or a Husky TE 610/630, or a KTM 690 or 530, or a Husaberg 570, or one of those amazing newer 300 two strokes? Aaaaaaargh!
How many miles can these bikes go on a gallon? How big of an after-market tank could I get? How reliable would they be? How few dollars could I spend that I don't have? How far can a 2-stroke go?

Picture this going on for months. I can imagine that I might not be the only one dealing with this psychosis.

If I can get the perfect bike, or bikes, then maybe I would ride more?

Nope! I would merely own different bikes and still have the same amount of time available for riding. Different bikes would not lead to more saddle time!

Wisely, Rollergirl pointed out that if I needed a smaller bike for really hard trails, then I could use her bike, as she probably wouldn't want to be on those trails anyway. So, maybe I do own the perfect quiver, a 250, a 450, and a 990.

Rollergirl is going to ride the 450 and I will ride the 990 this next weekend. Then we can both spend all of next week trying once again to decide what perfect combination of bikes would magically give us more riding time.

Welcome to the nonsense that goes on in my head
where does that road go?
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