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Originally Posted by WayneC1 View Post
The F650 is only 280 watts and the GS is 400 watts, some of the Co's offering stators get confused and lump them together.

On the GS we have seen stators cook and epoxy break up and go through oil ways so I would not expect using one from the GS would be a good idea

I had heard that the early 650 singles were lower wattage(ie. carbureted versions). Both my 650CS and GS manuals for the later injected bikes rate the alt at 400W/14V. I'm no expert but I believe a lower W stator would have less windings or like on Honda XR R's, some poles aren't wound where the XR L's are fully. It was a trick to rewind the whole stator for more output on thr R's.

In any case, when the time comes I'll compare side by side. In an emergency, I'll take those lower watts over pushing.
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