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Originally Posted by xaman View Post
I tried searching this thread but didn't see anything...

Has anyone fitted the overlander 30 to a BMW G650X (challenge or Moto)?

I've got a US-20 and US-10 already, and can't decide whether to try the soft panniers or just get a backpack and lug it myself. The plastic on the exhaust side on my bike is unsupported and flimsy, the right side is the fuel cap. So I'm not sure if the overlander will work, and if it'll be worth the effort to remove every gas stop (small tank too!).

Any thoughts?
Hey xaman,

Are you by any chance the good gentleman with whom I have exchanged emails and phone calls about the Overlander x 650X? Regardless, fitting the system shouldn't be an issue. As traveltoad quite rightly says, if the plastics are a little on the overly 'flexy' side, one of those spacer / sliders would be a good idea. And, although a minor PITA, the filler cap location shouldn't be a deal-breaker. You'd just need to back off either the lower daisy chain or seat strap (taking care not to let the bags contact the end-can) to get enough slack to access the cap.

Seeing as the silencer is pretty exposed on the X Challenge, one of these might not do any harm either:

Happy to discuss the options further any time.


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