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My 03 does the same too. I have done new slave, measured roughed up all steel plates, fibre plates in spec, total clutch pac in spec, bled system 15 times, updated rod, proper fluid lever adjust, oil jet clean and drilled slightly bigger.
Yesterday while inspecting once again I noticed I have wear marks on clutch basket from fibre plates and the 1st steel plate that has the thrust bearing in it has quite a bit of wear. I am wondering if this has worn too much to the extent that it is replicating worn plates. I have never seen specs that this should be in.
I can not think of anything else it could be. I am even thinking of pulling the bearing and shimming it a bit before replacing it. This would move that plate 'out' just a smige to see if that fixes it. Or put a shim washer on the end of the rod to gain the same thing.
It is a PITA as is so lets try to nut this one out for good.

By the way I have had 2 Aprilia Rotax bikes. I have bled them. from new slaves to new m/c. Never a problem. In fact I have never opened up my clutches even though I did 90 k klms one one.


Just got back from a short ride after scuffing up the steels again. Clutch works fine. I think there is a problem of not enough oil getting in to lube the plates. After scuffing them with 100 grit wet and dry I made sure each fibre plate had a coating of oil. My theory is the roughed up plates hold a film of oil in the tiny grooves made by the grit. After some use the steel plates wear the plates smooth again and if there is not enough oil supply to the clutch, you get creep.
I am also going to check the oil pressure regulator spring to make sure it`s in spec and that its the updated type.

Those that are having the creeping issue, do you also have noisy cam chain start ups some times when hot? I do.

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