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I imagine that a shot under the cover of a 350 would help not even a little bit, would it?


I went to the local fasteners shop with all of the hardware from my case cover "upgrade." All new, allen-head fasteners were relatively cheap. They lasted a whole month before they started rusting. Maybe I should have paid the extra for stainless, but just think of that extra 75 cents that I have left in my wallet.

On the other hand, the Duro 24x11-10 HF243 has been mounted on the Shercoman-modded wheel. It has been studded and is ready to go on the bike. This is a pre-stud picture:

It has a rather beach-ball shape to it since it is an 11 inch width on a 10" rim. I think that a 25x12-10 would be a better choice as the sidewall is somewhat exposed to the ravages of the trail.

The Carlisle front has also been mounted and seems to have a narrower profile than would be ideal. I've been too afraid of failure to test it out yet, but the report will be forthcoming.


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