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You see, I just don't want shit like this in my life - I have enough already.

That's why I just bought a 2012 V-Strom 650. ABS can't be turned off, but it shouldn't blow a gasket every time one wants to use it either....

QUOTE=Pangia;20683908]2013 F800GS ABS will not turn off...

When I picked it up from the dealer, the ABS would not turn off...I figured I would re-read the manual when I got home. Followed instructions....ABS would not turn off.... Took it back to the dealer - they attempted to diagnose, but were not able to turn off the ABS or locate a clear fault. Dealer ordered a new ABS switch, replaced it under warranty...ABS still would not turn off....

Dealer had the bike the past 4 days to attempt a fix. Dealer says they have spoken with BMW USA and tried upgrading the "software"...ABS still will not turn off..... Now they are waiting to hear from the motherland.

I like my dealer, it seems to me they are trying their best to resolve the issue. I emailed Stephen at a few minutes ago asking if his ABS OFF switch might help. I saw other forums on the traction control issues with the F800GS that seemed similar. Any one else had this issue that I am having? Any suggestions?

If you had the same problem and your dealer fixed your ABS so it will turn off.., can you either reply which dealer it was and who to speak with at the dealer or PM me.

Is removing the front sensor a temporary or even "emergency" fix?

I ride 70% off road....I would like the ABS to turn off. If there is an ABS switch goddess who I can make an offering to please tell me the mantra and what offering to make....

Did I mention, the ABS will not turn off?....[/QUOTE]
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