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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
I think that when you talk a big game, and then start the trash talk, people tend to be more apt to hold your feet to the fire and expect you to make good on your own crap. I suppose that juvenile behavior begets juvenile treatment. I've seen TONS of project threads, and in most all of them, people are supportive, helpful, and understanding when and if things don't go as planned. But then again, in most all of those threads the OPers tends to act more like an adult seeking help rather than a child tooting their own horns and talking crap. It's more the demeanor of the OP than anything that makes some, myself included, sorta want to see him at least eat a little crow. If that makes us childish, then so be it.
Originally Posted by hillbillypolack View Post
This is about the most balanced reply yet.

If anyone has the patience to re-read the thread, a young optimist bought a burned up exotic bike on the cheap. That's where I'm skeptical from the get-go. Ambitious for sure, maybe something worth resurrecting. But a bike with that many specialized alloys, not to mention the temper of the frame itself will be affected. I didn't say possibly, I said will be. And we all know that heat distorts metal, so what about the alignment of the frame (the most important structure on a bike)? I'd think safety would be an initial concern.

When 'details' like this were brought up in conversation, the OP responded with emoticons flipping off well-respected members of the BMW community. Not to mention dealers themselves.

When it was also evident that the OP was in training at MMI, a huge hole in logic opened up. The simple fact that you get things running, mechanically and structurally sound first before dolling up a bike with carbon fiber and powdercoat. I don't know how to connect an MMI grad to a bike like this and not equate that to a complete fail.

Last, there's that small detail about a possible rebuild title which in fact isn't small at all.

Some could call it a pile on, but it was pretty clear early on this was a visual exercise (which is fine), but I think we were all hoping for a good rebuild with thought behind it. It would have been fantastic to see this bike be better than an HPN, using skills and technology gained from programs at MMI or similar shops. (Gusseting, billet details, custom software or suspension setup)

I guess that was what I was hoping for. I know any rebuild or new construction doesn't happen overnight, so maybe there's some possibility for a 'Phoenix'. Let's hope for that. I just can't imagine the amount of scraping molten brittle plastic out of threads on this bike.
By my recollection, the chest thumping began only after the negative comments started. This thread did not unfold like a normal build thread specifically because lots of people (who I assume were jealously hoping someone else would not end up with a cheap route to an HP-2) piled in with loads of negative comments. That Moosmeat responded somewhat aggressively may have fueled the fire but he is not entirely to blame.

The comment about arguing with dealers is especially assinine as the only obvious dealer particiating seemed to be strongly favoring the self-serving position that it would not a successful rebuild unless it involved tens of throusands of dollars of brand new parts from a dealer.

I have no idea whether Moosemeat has other priorities that have stalled completion of the project, has sold it on unfinished, completed it and is no longer on ADV and therefore not letting us know of his success, or has come across some hitherto unforeseen snag that has totally precluded completion and left him with a very fancy and expensive paperweight. IMO, the latter possibility is the least likely, yet is the only one suggested by most of the recent posters - Looks like a continuation of the pile on to me.
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