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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
Once again it sounds like the cager's brain was looking for a car, so overlooked the possibility of a narrower vehicle hidden by the SUV. This topic was being discussed elsehwere on advrider, and my thought was that driver training should encorporate more motorcycles into their videos, books, and pictures in an effort to train young brains to keep us in mind.

Glad you are around to post about it.

Holy $hit man, I live not to far from there and frequently ride that way. Think I've actually seen you on that bike around here. Glad you came out of this ok. As a habit, when I see left turners ahead and I'm following someone, I usually swerve left a little so the person behind them can get a glimpse of me. Of course they will only notice if they are actually looking at the road.....

And to the above quote, I noticed that when I was in Bermuda, and using a moped to get around, drivers are accustomed to looking for two-wheelers. They come to the intersection, end of their driveway etc, stop, and look right at you. None of this rolling, looking, not-seeing-anything-not-big-enough-to-run-me-over stuff. I think it's probably because most people ride/have ridden there, and have just grown up with it.
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