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I agree, looks like only the "bottom" coils have the caking
(if I'm looking at it correctly ... the wires come out the top/back of the side cover IIRC?)
Which would make those coils hotter making them cake more ... etc....

How high up in the side cover does the oil level come when the bike is running and on level ground...
Compared to the height of the stator ... I would think the oil level would not come up high enough to even partly submerge the stator ... but would have to hold the dip stick up to the side of the bike and "draw" the level lnie around the crankcase to be sure .... Anybody know off hand?

Before he shoved off to work for the competition Joel had made a "stator detunning" modification that he guessed would shave ~100W off the output of the stator ... which would still leave adequate output for use w/o heated clothing and would sure keep stator cooler ... but I don't think we'll ever find out how well that worked out

Maybe as a maint. item we need to clean the gunk off the stator every 12K miles or so? Sheezzzzzzzzzz
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