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Originally Posted by Hog Rider View Post
Jeep44 Thank you for that information, I feel that the only way I will purchase one of those will be in person and not online.

My gunsmith told me that they are very accurate, is that correct ?
Another thing about the gun is that it was made about a 1/2 hour away from where I live. Back before NY chased all the manufacturing and gun owners away.

I think they are quite accurate. Most of the 1919s will be marked "1919 NRA"-I guess they were intended for use with NRA competition shooting. Savage made them for many years, with details changing over the years-sights are something to watch out for-I had a 1919 before the one in the photo, and someone had done a very good job of grafting a later Lyman sight on the year, even inletting the stock. It all looked like it was factory-done, which suckered me into buying it. I had done no research, so I didn't know what I was looking at. It was indeed very accurate, and was fun to shoot, but these days, I try to buy only the most original, correct rifles I can. I managed to sell that one, and later found this early, mint 1919. As with most of these old .22 rifles, having the correct, original sights is important-sights for these rifles are rare and expensive, so don't buy a rifle without them. The correct magazine is important,too-they are on ebay, but sometimes for more than you paid for the rifle.
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