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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
Holleeee crap! You made it!!

thanks to you, it made getting here a day early worth it. Dungey was quite the spokesman, if nothing else for himself. But as the crowd wasn't huge, he seemed to be in no big hurry and spent at least 10 minutes chatting with each group. having shaken lot's of pro racers hands I'm always interested in their hands. Emig as slight as he is had strength just ozzing from his forearm when you shook his hand, you could feel it. Dick Mann even at his age had a firm grip and his hand felt like it had spent a lifetime (it had) wrapped around a piece of steel bar.

Dungey has HUGE hands, just huge. When you shake his hand and you're aware of it you feel your hand become engulfed in his. Not front page New York Times information but I got a kick out of it.

ps. Red Bull picked up $15 of everyones tab, excluding alcohol.

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