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To the border and beyond.

We rode back out to the highway from Ayers Rock/Uluru/Olgas to take us to the Northern Territory, South Australian border. I was starting to wonder if I was going to make it... The tyre I had fitted in Darwin was showing considerable wear and tear, this mainly due to the high speeds and temperatures experienced. The knobblies were cracking away from the body of the tyre, some missing altogether! We had hundreds of miles to go before we got anywhere near a bike shop. We were going to have to take is easy...

Curtin Springs, Lasserter Highway
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Talking tyres or lack there of! Northern Territory/South Australian Border
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We had planned to ride the Oodnadatta track south from Marla to Marree but as it was, I was doubtful if I could even make it to Coober Pedy via the highway. It was a matter of keeping positive and having the fingers crossed. It was my fault, I had chosen a more aggressive tread pattern for off road work and the blacktop sections, coupled with extreme heat had rapidly worn the rubber away.

Early morning start at Cadney Homestead. Hydro with his new Black Crow feather helmet wings.
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The South Australian outback was the most desolate area I had ever ridden through, having lived on the coast and in the bush all my life, I had never been without trees and/or water around me. The lack of both amazed me.

Coober Pedy, particulary its northern side was an amazing landscape with all its excavated earth mounds from the under ground mining. The search for beautiful opals through this area continues. I learnt another lesson here as well, when you see a cool photo or filming opportunity, stop, get off the bike and do it! Otherwise you'll be like me and curse yourself later as that chance or scene doesn't repeat itself. I wasted great morning light and a chance to capture a surreal lunar landscape of the Coober Pedy surrounds. The picture is burnt into my memory but I only wish I could share it.

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Lake Hart, this lake was huge but is in fact one of the smallest compared the others like Lake Eyre, Gairdner and Torrens in the area. The sand was hard going with only side knobblies for traction.
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After no luck with a new rear tyre in Coober Pedy I limped into Port Augusta on canvas, the bike shop crew had thought I had been doing burn outs! With servere lack of traction I almost laid the bike over unceremoniously on the road just metres away from the shop as I U turned around a concrete traffic island. Luckily they had a compatible tyre and it was out with the old and in with the new. Relief, rubber style.
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