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Saturday 7/2 Day 1: Ride Destination: Tulameen

Today started with a nice warm breakfast consisting of oatmeal and cinnamon rolls from Rod's home. We left Anacortes at about 8 am and headed towards the Canadian border. We made it to the border after a back track to the house where Missy yet again forgot her wallet. At the border Daddy got in trouble for taking pictures of me cross the line and I guess my answers to the questions weren’t as expected because we had to go park and have a background check to make sure we were carrying fruit or weapons. As we went inside the guy at the counter had the meanest look on his face. Once we gave him our information he came with us outside as if he was going to check the bikes but instead he made small talk with my dad about his HP2 and adventure riding in Canada. So as we first went in thinking he would never let us into Canada because of the dirty look on his face but he surprised us and was friendly and said we were totally fine and sorry for the inconvience. We finally entered Canada and our first order of business was to find gas and get some Canadian money. After those two things were taken care of we started on the heart of the ride. We went through some gorgeous back roads surrounded by trees. And I swear about every five miles you come across another lake or river of some sort. It is so beautiful. We came to the lunch stop in a town known as Hope. We ate at the Blue Moose which was kind of a small town espresso bar and sandwich place. Again back on the trail and onto the abandoned railroad track that daddy had promised. This is where the day got tough. Several times the trail had problems and we could not take the route that we needed to. It was either washed out or there was no bridge any longer or some of the route had even been converted into a hiking trail (I mean come on…who hikes???).

The day ended with some great sections of railway, and Missy putting the Versys through some water. Key was under the mat at a small town motel just as Mom had promised. The small town was nothing more then one small store with food and gas. A bit of a party town, complete with girls riding on the trunks of cars.

Slideshow from the day

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