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Originally Posted by OlivierS View Post
I don't know if this is the right place for this thread, but i figure here is the most KTM knowledge...

So, I'm looking to buy a Torque wrench ( thank you google translate... ), I will only use it for the Adventure. I found a cheap one for 4 to 24 NM, is this enough for doing some basic work? I'm not planning to take the block out just yet but, like I said, basic work. I have a history of breaking screws and thread, so I wanna do it right this time...

I bought a CDI 10-60Nm torque wrench. CDI makes torque wrenches for Snap-on. Very high quality. That should do most things on the bike other than the rear axle that requires 90Nm. As some people mentioned in the thread I've linked to, using a torque wrench at the extremes of its range is probably not the best plan. Therefore, a better plan may be to buy a low-range torque wrench and then a higher range torque wrench for the bolts that need the greater torque.

I would suggest that you get a torque wrench with a ratching head. It is very difficult to torque things like spark plugs and head bolts without a ratcheting head on a torque wrench when they are in the middle of a trellis frame. Been there. Had that problem.
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