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Originally Posted by blacktruck View Post
I had a trailer for my touring bike. Big bike with full fairing and a V4 engine. The bike pulled it fine with no noticeable loss of power and surprisingly not even much difference in mileage. It was stable and during all but the worst roads you would not even know it was there. It was bigger than one you have shown in your pics. I would think the one shown would be pretty good as far as size goes. Narrowing it to about four feet or so is good. Don't go too narrow so as to cause instability in corners also keep it the length of the trailer and tongue about the same as the wheelbase in your bike. There is a general rule there but I can't find it right now. I have seen the Bushtec trailers with the bigger wheels and pretty much open frame. Low slung and big wheels looks like it should pull pretty good even behind a smaller bike. I've seen too many bikes too far overloaded and think a trailer with judicious loading would be good.
I'm shopping for a KLR and I think this would be a good match. The caveat to that is I think it would. Pulling a trailer with a bike is no problem but you always have to remember it is there even when you don't notice it. Really no different than driving a cage with a trailer.
That's the phrase I keep seeing. I'm fine by myself, even with camping gear. By the time I add the girlfriend and all of her crap, the Road King is so overloaded it's not even funny. Just the tent and 2 sleeping bags fill the tour pack, plus all of the other necessities. Our longest camping trip was 2 nights, and even at that we were out of packing room and overloaded. We're going on a longish trip this summer, maybe 2 weeks, and camping for most of it. I have no idea how I would pack for both of us without a trailer and still be comfortable.

It's looking to be right around 4' wide at the outside of the tires. I'm making everything as low as possible, so I don't think roll-overs should be much of an issue. The supports of the carrier are basically on the trailer frame itself, and I'm looking at ways of lowering the trailer. It's about 1/2" lower than stock from removing a leaf spring, I don't see a good way to go farther yet.
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