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Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
If there is a change in spec tires, or the tire rule in general, then I wouldn't consider the rules "fixed" for any amount of time. Don't factories would have to know what tire they are developing bikes for? A three year span doesn't seem like nearly enough, that just means you get two years before you probably have to start developing a new platform, if Dorna follows its usual path.

As long as I'm being difficult, back to my original question: what does the fixed rule package, such as it is, have to do with whether or not Suzuki comes in as a factory effort or has to go back door through an existing team? Why put up road blocks for a factory entry?
What have Suzuki contributed in the past 10 years? Uncertainty, a point-blank refusal to produce more than 2 bikes, and several broken promises, despite being given extra allowances. Suzuki wanted a 1-year contract. What does that add to the series, especially if Dorna have to kick a team off the grid to make way for them?
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