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Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post

As long as I'm being difficult, back to my original question: what does the fixed rule package, such as it is, have to do with whether or not Suzuki comes in as a factory effort or has to go back door through an existing team? Why put up road blocks for a factory entry?
I don't know that the rule package has much, if anything, to do with a Suzuki entry. What Dorna seems to be saying is that they want to keep the grid limited to 22-24 bikes (which seems to be keyed to how much $$$ Dorna is kicking back to the teams as much as logistics and race management) and that the teams that are playing ball (as opposed to teams that took their ball and went home, like Suzuki) with us already (i.e. current CRT) would have 1st dibs on the slots.
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