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help with wiring for new FACET 40171 fuel pump

Attach the proper female spade connector to the blue-black wire in the original wire harness (the one you cut earlier). Use high quality crimp connectors (this one comes with shrink tubing pre-installed) and a good crimping tool. I used a convenient engine case bolt for the ground lug but you could use the brown wire in the loom if you preferred

Alternate options for connection:
Wire Loom Black/Blue to Facet Red
Wire Loom Brown to Facet Black
You can splice the OEM pump's connector to the Facet wiring, or a better (more sanitary method) is to pop the spade connectors out of it, and either salvage those to crimp to the Facet wiring or crimp on new. The pins can be pushed out of the plug with a special tool that you buy or make. Click the next image for link to a site that will help you do this. Be sure to pack connector with high temperature dielectric grease (silicone grease) before connecting to the wire harness.

Click Image for Link

Tidy up your hoses and secure as needed with zip ties. The red arrow points to the OEM fuel line that carries pressurized fuel from the output of the pump to the carburetors. The green arrow points to the new 5'16" fuel line that carries non-pressurized fuel from the left tank shutoff to the inlet of the pump.

I have just finished the installation for my FACET 40171 fuel pump .

I switched the ignition on , and nothing happened .Now here is where it gets bit confusing .

I wired my RED wire from the FACET fuel pump to the blue/black loom of the bike , and BLACK wire from the FACET to the brown wire of the loom .

Above they mention , you can use a brown wire to an engine case bolt or something similar .
How did you guys do it ?
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