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Yeah I went with the 6 LED ligth (the Dually D2's) in the "Driving" option. In retrospect these things are so bright it might be worth looking into perhaps (1) driving light and (1) wide for max coverage but at the end of the day I'm pretty happy with this setup. I will say it's probably unlikely I can run these in normal traffic so I'll be switching on & off as necessary. I've tried to angle them in such a way they aren't focused directly into oncoming traffic but they are still VERY bright, I'd expect to piss people off. Regardless my goal was more light in offroad and dark/desolate road situations so I'm cool w/ that... I may get a set of the Amber light covers that might help diffuse the light a bit so we'll see.

I run these all the time, although i do not ride much after dark. Not many people seem to be bothered. I think people are becoming used to brighter lights with HID's, etc out there. One thing to consider is that I have mine mounted on the lower crash bar (BMW) so they are relatively low....the beauty of this is that when you pull up behind a cage, the lights are below their rear window so you are not blinding them in their mirrors.
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