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WNWT Day 37 - the Finale

Tuesday morning in Centerville, IA and it was 21 degrees. Yeah... I've somehow wandered my way back into winter haven't I? Bummer.

Supposed to warm up into the high 30's or low 40's so hung around and chatted with Dad. We solved most of the world's problems but as usual, I didn't take good notes, and now neither of us can remember the answers.

Hung around until Mom came home for lunch, had a fried egg sandwich with them, then packed up to run the last 90 miles home up highway 5. Was about 40 degrees, relatively sunny and not nearly as windy as the day before so was a comfortable ride home.

Passed by what is arguably Iowa's greatest and most well know landmark... the Knoxville Raceway, Sprint Car Capitol of the World. Only about 40 minutes from Home. Made a mental note to make to a few more shows this year. Grand National Flat Track series raced here the last two years with some good shows. Bummed they aren't coming back in 2013.

The Girlfriend took off work a little early to greet me coming home and caught the last 1/4 mile of my trip as I came up the lane to the house... short 96 mile day and I was Home

Quick check of the odometer...

Drumroll, brain heating up using the 3rd grade math and... 7,541 miles for the trip.

Home... now what? Well, first:

And second:

How mundane is that after 7,541 miles all over the south? Had to take the garbage out to the highway... and the kicker was the battery in the van was completely dead so had to go into town to get a new one before I could do it. The last cold snap in Iowa must have done it in. Nothing seemed to be left on so no way to blame The Girlfriend. Batteries are one of the more mysterious objects in our universe.

And finally, time to relax in my own house...

I found these sunglasses on the ground in a turnout headed down the grade into Borrego Springs and thought they'd look good on The Girlfriend (and they do). Actually some pretty nice Elle shades... around $80 new. For some reason I think my finding them by chance on the ground in California decreases the overall impact of my gift to The Girlfriend. Hard to understand females...

Over the course of 7500 miles you accumulate a lot of paper apparently... most of this came out of my tank bag map case.

Remember that I was buying Powerball tickets in every station that I went into on the way home? Well this is what 18 non-winning Powerball tickets from 6 states looks like. So much for the fairytale ending...

GREAT trip with several revelations... still planning to post a quick review of the Triumph and a look back of sorts... so the report isn't quite over...
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