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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
Hi Woody

Tried to send you an email via ADV but it apparently didn't make it.

Have not been a customer of yours yet but as you are the expert on all things round, thought I might seek a bit of advice and/or direction from you.
I am currently on an extended trip through the Americas, presently in Ecuador. I'm on an 800GS.

My bike has developed an annoying vibration - shakes the bike most severelly at between 40kph and 60kph - feels like there is a chunk of something glued to one of the tires. It has become more pronounced with time. Now feeling a a light, higher frequency vibration around 100kph.

I've had a TKC80 on the front balanced with Dyna Beads for about 9000 km.
I had a TKC80 installed on the rear about 3000km ago in Medellin. I noticed the vibration about 1000 km after that.

Just in case the Dyna Beads in the front had got some oil in there and clumped up, I replaced the front tube. No change.

When my wife came down to Quito for a visit, she brought some more Dyna Beads with her that I put in the rear tire. No change.

Tried rotating the rear tire 180 deg. No change.

I'm currently heading back to Quito with my wife and I'm sure I can find some sort of tire and/or wheel guy but would appreciate any thoughts you might have as to what I should look for, anything I might be able to fix/adjust and what directions I can give to a local guy to fix.

Steve May

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hi steve,,,

FYI,,i've got this thread on :

it's the perfect place to post questions and dilemnas like yours...that way everyone in the community get's to share the problems,,chime in and get some answers,,,you havemy permission to cut n paste your question an dmy response if you'd like ,,,i as a vendor cannot post PM's and personal e-mails...

ok,,first step is to do some simple checking,,

1,,raise bike on centerstand ,have someone hold front end down ,,start bike ,pop into 1st or second gear and look at the tire,,,if you spot any anomally,,your eye will instantly recognize it,,,no need for fancy equipment,,,sometimes knobby tires loose a chunk of of the knob,,that will cause similar symptoms,,,,

2,while up and engine off grab wheel to see if there is any
weird side play grab tire in the 4 quadrants and see if the wheel is loose,,spin by hand to see if you hear strange noises coming from the bearing area,,these wheels and this thread chronicles similar stories like yours with noises similar just prior to TOTAL bearing failure,,,

3,, if you wheel off you can perform the simple 'stick your finger in the bearing and rotate,,the should be ''smooth as silk!!' any roughness is ground for checking bore and taking corrective action or minimally R&R all the bearings and try and get a few more miles do NOT want to be a victim of bearing failure ,,it get's real ugly real quick...nuff said

4,repeat for front wheel

FYI,,,noticed that the one item you didn't change was the front tire

holler with the results of this check out procedure

Hi Woody

Having a resource like yourself available when we are away from home is a huge help.

Thanks again for your help.

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