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Having played with tag arms for more than 10 years, will give you my 2 cents.

I like them but they are more delicate that the elongated steel swimgarm ala HPN. Steel vs alum fusion. That said...I never had any problem with them.

I know of people that cracked the swing arm but they didnt follow Tag's recommendation mods to the frame and they didn't respect the schock travel which is max 270. Ezio will tell you 260 mm because h wants to play safe:)

If i have to pick between the 2 and money is not issue go definitely with the TAG arm. Are you kidding me?
I know that TAG had some of them adding some addl materials in certain areas -check out my bike and look very closely to my swingarm:

I miss the lira...everything now is double with the Euro in Italy...

Tag bikes and set up have been tested and tested and tested and tested and tested and tested in racing competitions by enduro professional racers so you will not have a problem with what Ezio set you up with.

The last TAG bikes have an oilhead swingarm with the shock attachment done on the side as the monolever does. Since i have never heard of them having any issues, I have copied the set up and will test my last shortstroke enduro in few months. I will ill report on this. Having cracked BMW reinforced frames in the past, i know i will test it right...:)

Originally Posted by Ras Thurlo View Post
A couple of you have asked for more info on the TAG monolever:

standard +100mm length, shock mounting point on swingarm allows for a shock that is the same dimensions as the standard shock and they sell an Ohlins designed to go onto it (see photo).

The HPN/Moorespeed monos have the mounting point a bunch further back. Does this approach give more 'control' because of lower lever pressure?

The interesting thing is that the TAG swingarm is angled at 6 degrees to the right, so that you can offset your rim for a 140 tyre and not have too much overall wheel offset.

From what I had understood on a 'standard' extended mono, you need to offset your rim the approx 12-14mm from center-line to clear a 140.

With the TAG design you have approx 10mm of play on your rim offset to get back to centreline, so resulting in an approx 2-4mm offset.

They said that there is not enough width at the gearbox end to allow for a greater angling of the mono that would totally remove this offset.

does this all make sense?

[IMG] photo TagMonolever1_zpsefa8e1fa.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] photo TagMonolever3_zps14f0b99d.jpg[/IMG]

it comes with this 'stub' driveshaft that is made to be welded to a standard mono driveshaft

[IMG] photo prolungaalbero_zps90581502.jpg[/IMG]
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