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I had a few conversations with Brian on what boots he recommends for my type of DS/ADV riding (camping off a F800GS on easy dirt roads and two tracks, riding to Alaska, etc...all my rougher off road riding boot needs are fulfilled by a seat of heavy Sidi Flex Force MX style boots), and narrowed it down to the Gaerne Balance Oiled and the Gaerne G-Midland. I ordered both from Brian so I could try them on and compare the two.

I will agree that all of Brian's comments in this thread are spot on, so I won't reiterate all of his points.

I have a thin build (5'11", 160 lbs) and therefore do not have this skinny calf issue. Therefore, I noticed that the Balance needed to be cranked down almost to the max on the upper most buckle for my calfs. Most of my riding in these boots will be with knee pads in the pants (not the strap on knee/shin guard style), and I ride with dress socks (pack lighter and dry faster when doing laundry on the road). They would work for skinny calfs, but just an observation. The Balance are very comfy, but I do like the more protective G-Midland since I am on a big 400+ pound bike. I would almost consider the Balance as a perfect touring/light DS boot though.

The G-Midland will close up around my skinny calfs with less effort. The velcro is maxed out, but there is no need to crank the top velcro closure down tight. The G-Midlands came out a little loose but I found that by stacking another thin insole in there, they are perfect. So now all I need to do is find a quality insole to add to the boot (the stock insoles are very basic and thin) and it should be perfect.

I will post up thoughts in a few months after I get more miles on them. Thanks again to Brian, he was very informative and helpful on my questions about boots.
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