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I moved to CA several years ago from rural WA where I rode all the time, little traffic (we had the only stop light in the county) and trails galore. Before I moved I sold my bike due to the horror stories I heard about riding in CA. I ended up in a fairly small town but huge to me (90k people) with lots of riding around. I lived for years not riding but thinking of it alot. I-5 runs through Redding and state hwys going east and west. Traffic is sporadic, busy during rush hours, fairly light the rest of the time. A couple of years ago I decided to risk it and bought a dual sport. I ride it to the trails and around town but HATE the freeway... It boils down to if you are enjoying yourself and feel safe. If I lived in busy SoCal and had to hit the freeways to get anywhere I wouldn't ride or I would have a green sticker bike and haul it to the trails. I would never want to ride afraid....
I've ridden supposedly the most dangerous roads in the US. For example, I had a business where I'd have to almost constantly ride the L.A. Freeways 4 days a week from Huntington Beach to Thousand Oaks and later extended to Oceanside and then San Diego. I've ridden the L.I. Expressway regularly. I can go on but the most competitive road I was ever on was the run from Ft. Laud to W. Palm on I95. Good grief - add 20 mph Q-tips to guys in Ferraris running hard to trucks also running hard.

Of all this, I'll take any of these roads and ride them one eyed with one brake as far as danger goes a rural deer strike is much scarier, less predictable and 100% uncontrollable.

Gimme the Q-tip vs Lambo over deer vermin any time.
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