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I have a Anakee 3 rear pending spooning on for my DL1000 that I will be running some dirt roads and such in North Texas this weekend. On the front, I still have the old Anakee 2, as I am a cheap bastard, and it still has some tread left. Plus this way I can see how the rear slides around if any. I know when you get into clay mud, the 2's are rather lacking after any distance because the sipes get all clogged up.

In regard to the tread design, from the look of the way the sipes are at 45 deg to the travel of the tire, I would expect that to give you your lateral traction. As my front goes and if I like the way my rear handles I may pick up an Anakee 3 front. If not, The Metz Next looks like a viable option.

During the work week, I'm 100% on the road. On the weekends, I don't really care where I end up so sometimes its 50%+ gravel and dirt.
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